Stolthaven Terminals’ Marco Dalmeijer and Pim van den Doel featured in the January 2023 issue of Tank Storage Magazine, discussing two new global certifications the Moerdijk terminal has gained and the unique benefits the facility offers customers.

Stolthaven Terminals took ownership of the Moerdijk terminal in 2012. Located in a lock-free port between Antwerp, Belgium, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Moerdijk Terminal offers all the benefits of the connected area, without the congestion. With efficient rail and road access to the hinterland, it’s no wonder the port stands out.

“The strategic location of Moerdijk means we are highly accessible, without the congestion of other nearby ports. And the Stolt Tank Containers (STC) depot on site gives customers easy access to their logistics services for the onward transportation of their products,” says Acting General Manager, Marco Dalmeijer.

Traditionally, the terminal specialises in storing and handling chemicals, including speciality chemicals, isocyanates, solvents and base oils. “More recently, Moerdijk, like many of our terminals around the world, has moved into the storage of bio-based products and biofuel feedstock,” says Pim van den Doel, Commercial and Business Development Manager, EMEA.

Moerdijk has experience in building and operating infrastructure for existing product flows such as petroleum products and chemicals. With new-found expertise in the storage and shipping of bio-based products and biofuels, Moerdijk has the ability to leverage the capabilities of Stolthaven Terminals’ global network to benefit their customers.
Standing out

“Our customers are very happy that we are ISCC certified because it’s one less audit step they have to take,” says van den Doel. Stolthaven Moerdijk achieved the ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) and CAT-3 certification in September, when the company achieved its global EcoVadis silver rating.

The CAT-3 certification confirms that Stolthaven Moerdijk safely and sustainably stores and handles products containing animal by-products, such as used cooking oil (UCO), which is a major source of biofuel.

“We see biofuels as a growing and important market and these certifications are required for us to store and handle products that are critical to developing more sustainable supply chains and fuel alternatives,” says van den Doel. “Just as importantly, these credentials help make our customers’ lives easier.”

Stolthaven Moerdijk is also ISO-9001 certified, and fully complies with CDI-T, SEVESO III and the Dutch PGS 29 and 15 regulations. The ISCC is a globally recognised standard in the biofuels and energy industry.

The ISCC certification is specific to biofuels and bio-based products and is required for Moerdijk to be part of these supply chains. The audit process ensures that there is full traceability of the products they store and the information regarding those is easily providable.

As a result of the ISCC certification, the Stolthaven Moerdijk team is now working with Stolthaven Terminals’ Dagenham facility in the UK to provide one of its customers with storage solutions for UCO in the Netherlands.

“There is a clear trend towards products that support a more sustainable energy mix and more sustainable chemical production,’ says Dalmeijer. ‘Moerdijk is well-positioned and set up in terms of infrastructure to play an important part in that supply chain, as are all of the terminals in our network.”