Delta Oil Tanking BV operating an oil terminal in the commercial sea port in Netherlands.
This terminal is equipped with ultra-modern facilities, which intake of crude oil and oil products from rail tank cars, marine tankers and pipelines, each of our terminal is supported by our own up-to-date laboratory of oil products quality and quantity control.
Our oil terminal serves as the theft of oil and oil tankers in our port of different operations, each of bunkering and oil sites is equipped with storage tanks of various capacities for storage of all types of petroleum including Jet Fuel, Diesel Gasoil, Ultra Low Sulfur, vapor generating capacity and technological pipelines for transportation of petroleum products between sites/tank and deliver it to tankers and bunkering vessels.


Specialising in fuel oil and middle distillates, Delta Oil Tanking BV offers more than 418,000 m³ capacity. Across its 18 tanks the terminal handles K1, K2 and K3 products including diesel gasoline, naphtha and jet fuel. Delta Oil Tanking BV also means high performance, with its deep draft complemented by direct connections to truck, rail and the NATO pipeline system.


Tank Capacity

Tank capacity            418,000 m³

Number of tanks                18

Tank Type

Mild steel                               Yes
Mild steel coated                  Yes
Mild steel insulated             Yes
Stainless steel                       Yes
Concrete                                No
Sphere                                    No
Classification                        K1, K2, K3


Seagoing vessel>180m   Yes
Coaster                              Yes
Barge                                 Yes
Road                                  Yes
Rail                                    Yes
Pipeline to other sites   Yes
Other                                –


Number of jetties            14
Maximum draft*             21m
Maximum length            360m
Maximum width             58m
Classification**               K1