Rubis Terminal, a leading major independent provider of industrial liquid bulk products and gases, operating across France, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands, has announced its membership with EEMUA.

With 15 terminals under its operation, Rubis Terminal is known for providing flexible, reliable, and responsible solutions across various sectors, including fuel, biofuel, chemicals, and agrifood.

Hugues Baillet, technical director of Rubis Terminal, expressed the company’s strategic move in joining EEMUA, highlighting its commitment to safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance within the industry.

EEMUA, renowned for its expertise and engineering focus, is well-positioned to support Rubis Terminal in its sustainability efforts and the global journey towards Net Zero. Through its engineering expertise and cross-industry collaboration, EEMUA develops and shares good practices to address engineering challenges, ensuring industrial assets operate efficiently, safely, and in compliance. Rubis Terminal’s involvement in EEMUA is expected to generate mutual benefits for both parties.