This is estimated by Mr Edwin Hupkes, who is for the Port of Rotterdam responsible for the expansion of the Botlek area.

Today about 50 million tons per annum is being transferred in these docks. We expect that this will increase with 10 to 20% after the increase of the depth. The project requires an investment of 50 to 70 million Euro.

The excavation will take about half a year. The depth will be increased to 16.4 meters, about 1.5 meter more than today. In fact, this means that the Botlek area, which was built in the 50s and 60s, becomes accessible by neo-Panamax tankers and (liquid)bulk carriers with a draft of 15,0 metres. Additionally, after the increase of the draft, three tide dependent ships can enter and leave the area in one tide. That is limited to one ship nowadays.

The actual dredging is currently already underway and the entire job, including related work, is expected to be completed in the beginning of 2019.