LBC Tank Terminal Rotterdam recently accomplished a major milestone in their expansion project known as Rainbow with the birthing of the first vessel at a brand-new jetty, the company said in its press release.

The LBC Tank Terminals Group is currently focused on expanding the LBC Rotterdam site in the Botlek area of Rotterdam, the petrochemical heart of the Port.

The jetty is a result of a constructive collaboration between the Port of Rotterdam and LBC Tank Terminals and is an essential asset to meet the demands of LBC’s customers and facilitate the growth ambitions of the LBC Rotterdam site.

The aim of the project is to triple the current capacity and significantly improve jetty and land infrastructure. A big part of the project is the realisation of new tanks. The first new tanks became fully operational over one month ago.

The new jetty will be extended such that four berthing positions will be available; two for seagoing vessels and two for barges. This will quadruple the jetty capacity of the LBC terminal.

The jetty is constructed to facilitate seagoing vessels with a maximum draft of up to 13 meters in such a way that it could accommodate larger vessels in the future if and when the Nieuwe Waterweg in the Botlek area is deepened.