In a significant move towards sustainable energy development, Vopak has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with the delegation led by the vice mayor of Tianjin.

This collaboration is aimed at repurposing the infrastructure of Vopak Tianjin to accommodate new energy sources, such as green methanol, sustainable aviation fuel, and potentially ammonia and Liquid Organic hydrogen carriers. In conjunction with this effort, the Tianjin Port Group is set to join forces with Vopak to create a pioneering green methanol bunkering service solution.

Situated in the economic heart of Bohai Bay, Tianjin boasts the title of the largest port in Northern China. With the burgeoning number of new energy projects in the region, Tianjin’s role as a critical logistics hub for these initiatives is becoming ever more pronounced.

Vopak is propelling the world towards progress by hastening its investment in new energies and sustainable feedstocks. Following its announcement in June 2022, the company has dedicated a substantial investment of EUR 1 billion towards these sectors, aiming for completion by 2030. Vopak’s strategic focus is centred on developing infrastructure solutions for low-carbon and renewable hydrogen, ammonia, CO2, long-duration energy storage, and sustainable feedstocks. This forward-thinking approach not only shapes the trajectory of Vopak’s future but also makes a meaningful impact on the transition of key industrial clusters and the formation of the energy hubs of tomorrow.